Monday, October 28, 2013

Work it girl!

Welcome to Fiametta's "lookbook!"

For as long as i can remember, I've been obsessed with teeny tiny people clothing. Mostly of the vintage sort, and in more recent years designing/sewing little people clothing myself...  

Previously,as a mama of 2 boys, (now 2 and 6)I feel like I never got to fully delve into the tiny person stylist experience.  Boys clothes are simply more limited in style,print options, accessories, etc...  
If I wanted unique stuff for them i was forced to either thrift obsessively or sew it myself. 
Well, I must say it's a whole new world now that I have a little girl. 

Between the hand me downs from a a couple of good friends with great taste in wee clothing themselves, my sewing machine, and the few thrift adventures i went on before she was born, i am more than stocked with fanciful pieces for this young lady.
Today I thought I'd play catch up by posting a few pics I already had of her looking "frocking sweet"

Hat: Hanna Anderson, Ebay  with matching jammies ($4.99)
Vintage Homemade Blue corduroy dress with little koalas:, ARC thrift store ($1.99)
Grey cotton tights: TJ Maxx ($1.99)
This is the first thing I bought after I found out I was having a girl!!
Orange cotton knit slippers, a beautiful hand me down.

 Blue knit pompom hat: hand me down, she reminds me of the guy from the Monkee's
Cream cardigan: H and M ($4.99)
Apple pants, made by mama from old hoodie sleeves.
Tiny smocked, embroidered vintage dress: ARC, ($4.99) 

The tiniest leopard pant, and sweet fern shirt. Both precious hand me downs, which i have since passed on and can't remember the brands. 
These fit the first week only. <3

Blue velvet dress: Amazing Baby Gap hand me down
Sushi pants handmade by someone, I got them at a JBF sale for ($1.00)

                                         Blue cotton cardigan: homemade,  hand me down
                                           Purple flower print smock dress:             , hand me down
                                           Knit slippers handmade for Fiametta by my friend Jess <3

                                               Yellow stripe dress: Baby Gap,hand me down

  Smocked floral Vintage dress:I bought this when i was pregnant for Finch, passed it on and it got passed back to me for Fiametta! :)
                                                        Tiger onesie: Old Navy, hand me down 

Doggie hat: gymboree, hand me down back and around. been worn by many a baby.
  Crocheted cardigan: Got in a vintage lot on Ebay (something like $25 for 6 sweaters...)
Stockings are cut off  big girl from h and m ($1.99) 
Will show better pic of Home embellished onesiwe and ruffly bloomers soon.