Monday, November 4, 2013

Guitar Print Dress: Zutano, hand me down
Pants: Made from a womens sweater that was handed down to me.  This was originally for anthropology, and I also made a "layering" skirt for my self from it. (So we can match!)

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Chevron headband: DIY, cut from a pair of Mama Koala's old runny tights.
Vintage Tee: thrifted long ago, this was a hand me down from her big brothers
Lacy Cardigan: Ebay (part of a $25 vintage woolies lot)
Pants: Baby Gap, Hand me down
Shoes: Old Navy, Arc Thrift store ($1.99)   

                                                 I absolutely love the look of a kerfchief on Fiametta.  
Lying on a quilt made by her Gramma for her Daddy 35 years ago, she is an absolute dolly today.
Something about baggy tights on her little toes...

                                                  Gingham Kerchief: H and M clearance rack ($1.00)
                                                  Vintage ducky dress: hand me down from cousin 
                                                   Vintage Red Tights: ARC Thrift store